Monday, January 7, 2008

The Wire

The Wire's last season just began, and if there was ever a Cult TV show, this is it. A show with a small but loyal fan base that goes where others shows don't dare to go.

Despite it's relative obscurity, The Wire has always been a critical favorite. Much has been written about the show's exceptional character development, in particular how the criminals are fleshed out as real as the cops are. The show is great on that strength alone, but there is more.

Beyond the compelling story arcs and great acting, the political subtext of The Wire is what makes it unique. No other U.S. TV show has ever thematically taken on such huge issues as the war on drugs, the war on terror, the plight of the inner city, the demise of labor unions and the working class, the state of public education, corporate journalism, gentrification and political corruption including drug money laundered into local politics.

If you've got HBO onDemand you can view each new episode several days before its Sunday night broadcast. Episode 52, which will broadcast Sunday 1/13, is up right now.

From Season 4, Snoop goes shopping ...

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