Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Calypso Dreams @ Egyptian in LA

Having just discussed the acting career of Calypso singer Sir Lancelot, it's a good time to note that Gregory Dunn's Calypso Dreams screens tonight at the Egyptian Theater in LA.

There is a long interview with Dunn at Jouvay.com. There aren't a lot of films out there exploring Calypso, so this one fills a need. I have not seen it yet (not on DVD, it has played at some rep houses here in the SF Bay).

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Calypso Dreams said...

Calypso Dreams was actually directed by Geoffrey Dunn and Michael Horne, and produced by Dunn, Horne, Mark Schwartz and Eric Thiermann. And co-produced by Alvin Daniell and Lord Superior (Andrew Marcano). The film should be out commercially some time in 2008. You can get additional info about it here:


It has been called by many as "the best film ever made about calypso," and, indeed, there is no close rival. It has won many awards and has been praised internationally. You can follow its progress here: