Monday, February 18, 2008

Not on DVD: Windprints

Serial Killer in Apartheid South Africa

Windprints is an interesting film that tells a story of a black serial killer in rural Namibia during the last years of Apartheid. The killer's identity is known, but he is able to disappear into the wilderness and escape capture. He only kills local blacks, and some of the locals believe he has magical powers.

Two journalists, an Englishman (John Hurt) and a white South African cameraman (Sean Bean) from Johannesburg, arrive to make a documentary film about the murders. The tension between the city-bred cameraman and the rural whites who are hard-core apartheid supporters is palpable. Is there more to the story of the murders that just a crazy man in the bush?

An intriguing crime drama that makes great use of an unusual location, and gives a rare look into life in rural South Africa during Aparthied.

This film is not available on DVD, but has aired on the Encore cable channels.

Also, someone has posted it in chunks on YouTube.

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